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Driveway paving from $6.50/ft July 2024 only

cheap driveway pavingWhy put boring concrete in front of your house over again? Tired of apshalt? Treat your sweet home with something special right off the entrance!

Paving your driveway with bricks is not super expensive. This month July 2024 we offer your complete driveway pavement for only $6.50* per square feet! Impress yourself and your guests with modern new driveway. The price of paving your driveway with decorative bricks is very much comparable with the options of concrete or asphalt, but a lot more durable and definetly looks a lot better!

You can measure your driveway yourself and this would give you a pretty accurate picture of what your costs would be to get an impressive brick pavement in front of your house. If you know a simple geometry and can mutiply width of your driveway by lenght of it, then it is a good time to give it a shot. If you have doubts, call us and we will be glad to do that for you and provide you with an exact estimate of what your costs would be.

Brick work Start your project here! Brick work

You can have a beautiful driveway at almost a cost of concrete of asphalt today!

unilock authorized contractor

*price does not reflect removal of old driveway. this is for new driveway installation only. please note that even for putting new concrete driveway you'd have to remove old pavement anyway.